Report Your Child Absent

This online form enables you at any time to send this school a written notification that your child will be absent for any reason. Even if pre-planning a holiday during school term.

Emails are checked each day -
please submit your reports early!

There are many important reasons why the school needs to know the details of students' absense, including to ensure their safety. We do worry if a child isn't in class and we've not heard anything from the family.


It is highly likely that school staff will contact you (and/or the child’s parent/authorised guardian) by telephone to verify the email we receive is a genuine report from an authorised person.

To submit the form, it is mandatory that you include at least one telephone number that we can reliably contact you on. Supporting documentation if necessary, such as a doctor's note, can be supplied direct to your teacher upon return to school.

Thank you for your cooperation and for letting us know!

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Please provide us with a detailed explanation of the reason for your child's absence.

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