Errington Special Education Centre

Welcome to Errington Special Education Centre

Errington Special Education Centre transferred from its Ashford site to its new, purpose built campus, in January, 2014. It provides reception to year 12 courses for students with an identified intellectual disability and at times other disabling conditions.

We provide quality teaching and care with individualised courses designed to enable students to achieve their full potential.

Pathways may lead to employment in an open or supported setting or post-school Options

The school has 4 sub-schools: junior primary, primary, middle and senior, each with a nominated sub-school leader who meets regularly with the leadership team.

There are 13 classes with a further 3 smaller or individual classes of students who have exceptional learning needs. Classes generally have 8 students with 1 teacher and 1 SSO, and additional SSO time may be funded through DECD Tier 2.

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