School Overview

Errington Special Education Centre provides a safe, caring, social and emotional environment for children with a range of physical and intellectual disabilities, coupled with medical conditions.

We have classes that range from Reception Age (usually 5 years old) through to Year 12.

The school promotes independence and supports student learning. Students are placed at Errington via a regional panel process administered by the Department of Education through meeting relevant intellectual and disability criteria, which involves our Principal and members of the regional support team.  Families are unable to enrol students directly with the school. Students generally remain at Errington until 18 years of age, whereby they are supported with transition to post school options.

Students at Errington have a range of opportunities to grow and develop whilst having strong support networks surrounding them. Through a diverse range of educational programs and experiences they are encouraged and supported to be participating members of the community.

At Errington we have a strong commitment to the students and parents. We recognise that we have some of the most complex students enrolled and it is our task to support all students to optimise learning opportunities.

Students with complex needs are supported through a case management approach. This may involve other agency support eg, District Support personnel, and Outside Agencies (eg Autism SA, Disability SA, Novita). This approach also involves regular case planning meetings to review progress, problem solve, discuss additional strategies, develop action plans and also celebrate success.

The parent/caregiver is also integral to this process. Not only are they important stakeholders but they also bring a wealth of knowledge about their son/daughter. Effective communication and working in close partnership between home and school means consistency in goal setting, planning and implementation of strategies across both environments to further support the student and enhance learning.

School General Information

Student enrolment:      106 full time students
Gender numbers:         74 Male, 30 Female
Class sizes:                  up to 8 students
Full Time Equivalent Teaching Staff:            15.6
Full Time Equivalent Non-teaching Staff:     21.3