Tours & Enrolments

Errington Special Education Centre accepts enrolments from students with a wide range of Physical, Medical and Intellectual disabilities. We have students from suburbs across Adelaide, currently from as far south as Mount Barker / Strathalbyn, to suburbs in Adelaide's far north.

Student enrolment eligibility must first be assessed by a Department for Education Regional Panel. Our Principal is one of the members involved with the selection process. This panel looks at a range of factors to ensure your child is best matched to Errington's specialist services.

Regardless of this, we first welcome your enquiry to consider starting this enrolment process by simply finding out more about our School.

We hope this website for you is a good first step towards understanding the level of care and education we offer our students, plus all the facilities we have at Errington to support your child.

Beyond this, we would welcome you booking a tour of our school. Our Principal is always delighted to take families individually on a personal tour, enabling you to see the school in operation first hand, and allowing to ask specific questions relating to your child.

Our Principal can also guide you on the DECD application process to try and make moving forward as simple as possible.

We recognise that caring for a child with a disability, or multiple disabilties, can put an enormous strain on your family. We also recognise that it can be a scary thought delivering your child to our school for the first time(s). It's a big leap of faith.

However, we would like to assure you that of our 100+ students, all with disabilities ranging up to highly complex, we have a great group of passionate staff here caring for our kids, and procedures in place to ensure they return home each day, both happy and healthy.

Please do contact our Principal Niki Takos or one of our front office admin team on (08) 8293 3779 to commence a conversation.

We look forward to discussing options with you to welcome your child to Errington Special Education Centre!