Taxi Transport

It is possible your family might qualify for your child to be transported to and/or from school as needed.

The Department for Education provides a transport service to assist families to access specialized facilities such as Errington Special Education Centre.

Please note that the Department for Education require 10 working days to process any new applications.

Taxi drivers often pick up more than one child. They have a responsibility to care for all the children in the car, they are not able to leave the car to attend to loading / unloading children.

Therefore, parents must load their child’s bags into the taxi in the morning and take them out in the afternoon. All drink bottles and belongings should be in your child’s bag, for safety reasons your child cannot drink or eat while in the taxi.

Likewise parents must provide and fit a booster seat if required.

Parents must be waiting to greet the taxi in the morning and afternoon, noting that the driver is on a set-schedule to ensure they arrive on time to collect or drop off the next child.

NOTE : Drivers have been instructed to wait a maximum of 3 minutes. If the child is ready after this time it may be the parent / caregivers responsibility to bring the child to school.

If your child is unwell (or some other specific issue), please let the driver know — he will continue his run and pass the  information onto our staff at Errington SEC.

NOTE It is essential that a responsible adult is home to meet your child. If you are not home, the driver will wait a maximum of 3 minutes before phoning the emergency contact for the student and Errington SEC for instructions on how to proceed. In most cases the driver will be instructed to return the student to Errington SEC where it will be the parents/caregivers responsibility to collect their child.

Please Note: Children can only be transported to the specified address noted on the request form. If any changes or any new arrangements need to be made families must request and complete a new form.