Drop Off - Pick Up - Visitor Parking Zones

Running down the Eastern Side of our school, accessed from Errington Street, is a long driveway that accesses all three of our Sub-School buildings.

This is a safe private access driveway enabling families and taxis to safely deliver and collect students from school, away from other traffic. Each sub-school has its own covered verandah cars can drive under, to keep students out of the rain and sun as they transfer in / out of vehicles.

These verandahs are NOT parking zones. They are drive through 'kiss and go' quick drop off zones, designed to allow all taxis and parent vehicles to swiftly and safely get students into / out of school. Drivers should remain with their vehicle at all times.

10km / hr is our strict speed limit please! Noting that some of our children have a tendancy to run without warning. So please do keep your speed low and always be looking for an unexpected person crossing in front of you.

Please do NOT make U-turns or 3-Point Turns along the length of the driveway. This often disrupts busy traffic flow, causing conjestion and more importantly, increases the risk dramatically of striking a child.

Please DO instead use the Cul-De-Sac to turn. Just a little further down, at the end of the driveway by the Bus Storage shed is a large Turning Point Cul-De-Sac that makes it quick, easy and SAFE to turn around to access each of the Sub-School Verandahs. The Cul-De-Sac is marked with Yellow No Standing lines, to ensure that it is always clear to enable vehicles to easily use the full circle of the turning zone. Please do not ever park in this area which would block the flow of vehicles..

Visitor Parking is available along the left hand side of the driveway throughout the day for any visitors. Staff do not use these parking spaces, so you should always find somewhere convenient. But please do not park in front of the Red Fire Hydrants which are clearly marked as no-parking zones.

Sub-School doors are locked promptly at 9am. Access to the School Administration / Reception is from the front of the school. Walk around the front of the School Hall facing Errington Street to find Admin on the Eastern Side.