NDIS Plans Covid-19

I have a planning or plan review meeting booked
My plan is about to end
My plan will expire before my planning meeting
I am waiting on my first plan
I need important changes to my plan
I have put in my access request but I haven’t heard anything yet
I need to complete an access request
I need to use my plan funding differently
Will the funding in my next plan be reduced because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?
My core support funding will not meet my needs, and I have funding in my other plan budgets
How else can I use my plan funds flexibly?
I’m worried about getting the services I need
My regular support workers can’t deliver services to me
My family usually care for me, but now they can’t, what should I do?
I can’t leave my house like I used to. Can I ask my support workers to do things like shopping?
How to contact us

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