Team Pedal Prix

Over the last seven years, the 'Wild Boar HPV Racing' team has supported Errington, by selling sponsorship on the vehicle it races in the  Uni SA HPV Super Series. More commonly known as 'Pedal Prix', this series involves racing aerodynamic, pedal powered trikes at high speed on closed street circuits, against about 190 other teams from various schools, universities and community groups. 

The Wild Boar team initially consisted of parents and staff from the school, and has evolved over time into a highly competitive team, racing in the 'open masters' division, for riders over 35 years old. Each year the money raised through the generosity of their sponsors is used to fund special projects around the school, that directly benefit the kids.


This year the team decided to do things a little differently, embarking on a special project to design & custom build a tandem race vehicle, with the view to allowing a select group of kids the opportunity to join them in one of their races. With the organisers granting a special dispensation to race the tandem vehicle (which are normally not allowed), and after several weeks of training at both the school and velodrome, the kids took to the track at the Victoria Park racecourse on the 19th June. The day was a huge success, and despite some rain in the latter half of the race, everyone came away with big smiles and a great sense of achievement. It can't be overstated how well the kids applied themselves to the task, stepping well out of their comfort zones to do something amazing.


Our superstar riders this year were:

Lucas Penfold, Riley Penfold, Joel McKenny, Emily Bekker, Harry Donelly, Jaiden Campbell, Jack Devine, Michael Binenbam & Zac Deighton


The team sponsors this year included:

Andy J Sound & Lighting, GTrikes, AG Security Group, Kwik Copy Hilton, URPS, Adelaide Hills Therapy Hub, Cleanaway, ADS Design Services & Alimak Group.


It is hoped that the kids will be able to race the tandem again next year at the same event, and could possibly turn into an ongoing opportunity for our kids.