Low Stimulus Sensory Rooms

Each school sub-section has a low stimulus sensory room to cater for students, who from time to time, need to enjoy working individually in quiet spaces.

The rooms have many design features, including mood lighting enabling a soft, low stimulation environment. Some students (for example with Autism) may individually react to different colours. For example, one student may calm from a state of anxiety if surrounded by the colour purple.

Other students may calm if the colours in the room slowly fade from one colour to another.

Others might be transfixed by the Bubble Tube in the corner, simply watching bubbles slowly rise from bottom to top.

The ball pit might be better for other students, to help distract them from a situation that they had fixated on causing severe anxiety.

Soft fall cushions on the floor protect student who in a heightened state of anxiety incase they trip, fall or simply throw themselves on the ground.

Images can be projected on the wall for children that react well to that calming technique. Supported by low stimulus music / sounds, and it can be astounding how swiftly a potentially aggressive student can be calmed and comforted.

Even a mirror ball can add a bit of fun for other students.

The whole concept of the room is to help smooth out a day for a student not having a good day. Help them relax, with the goal of getting them back into their classroom environment.