Each sub-school building has a full kitchen included, allowing each age group of students to commence learning healthy cooking skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

Kitchens have full stove and oven facilities, microwaves, jaffle irons, refrigerators and a great stock of the usual household utensils, pots and pans.

Students will experience everything from cooking a simple piece of toast through to planning and preparing quite complex meals.

Some students with a keen interest in cooking and hospitality have a weekly routine where they sit as a group to plan a meal on one day, including all the ingredients they require. The following day they may visit Coles or the Adelaide Central Market to source their ingredients within a budget. Followed by cooking day, where they get to pull their culinary creation together.

Some meals are simply eaten on the day as lunch. Sometimes, tied in with their commerce studies, students fundraise by selling their creations (scones are popular) to generate income for their class micro business. Throughout the year, they save money to celebrate by going to a restaurant as a group to buy a meal from their hard earned money.

Other cooking days might be to prepare special 'thank you' treats to take to a School Sponsor as an acknowledgement of their support of Errington.

Each student has differing levels of cooking ability and interest, so programmes are tailored to suit each person. But one thing for sure is everyone enjoys this group activity, that often ties in with the fruit and veg they may have grown in our own school gardens, setting students on a Healthy Eating path for life.