All sub schools have modern bathrooms equipped to cater for the needs of all our students.

Noting the vast array of disability and medical conditions of our children, bathrooms are designed with wide open space, enabling easy acces for children in wheelchairs. Plus staff often accompany students requiring assistance, so open space is critical to allow for manoeuvrability.

Some of our students have incontinence issues, so change tables are used to assist them. Tables are designed for easy clean to maintain hygiene standards.

Hand and balance rails are provided in key areas to help students maintain independence and safety as they use various features of the bathroom.

Showers are provided for situations where a student may need to clean themselves thoroughly. The shower head can be adjusted up and down the wall to suit people standing or seated in a shower chair, plus on a 'shower rope' to enable the shower head to be taken off the wall and moved around a person's body.

Assistance aids such as Walking frames and steps assist other students.

The overall bathroom design and materials chosen ensure that cleaning is easy, to maintain a high level of hygiene.

Facilities ensure each of our students can maintain their dignity on days where things might not quite go to plan.